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We docked into our first port – Cozumel.

It was cold, very little sunshine, and those that booked a diving trip were cancelled.

We rented an open air jeep, and drove around the entire island. That was a lot of fun. We stopped in at beaches, the downtown area, and then went to see the Mayan Ruins.

These were hilarious from a marketing perspective – it was a real life physical upsell.

The cost to get in was $3 each. So you walk in, there were a few shops, a place to get a drink, and a bathroom. You walk another 50 feet, and there was another hut. Oh, you want to see the ruins – that was another $3.75. It was hilarious.

The upsell in live action.

So we paid the money, and went and saw the ruins. When I get a chance, I will upload pictures too.

The internet connection on the ship is abysmal. You can’t deal with anything but quick text blasts.

We did a few beaches, and then headed back to the ship.

Overall a nice place, and if it was sunny, a great snorkel and beach destination.

Back on the ship it was another amazing supper, and the night life.

The difference now is my kids have joined a club called the Circle C – and are now hanging around the other kids on the ship. They come back about 1am. Despite the weather they are already glad we came.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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