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Internet Marketers Vacations – Mike Filsaime’s Farewell night

As we go past Cuba again on our way back to Port Canaveral Florida, it is cold, and sometimes wet.

The day started with 5 of us presenting to the entire group of internet marketers. Ther was Joel Thierren ( – KIOSK), Tracy Repchuk, Eelco De Boor, Ross Goldberg, and Willie Crawford.

Then I grabbed a quick bite, and my Dream Team Mastermind Members got together.

We addressed each members needs, plus got them organized for the next year with plans and strategies and things to get done first.

It was very fruitful, and a great way to start the year.

I of course have my mastermind coach running me through the same thing.

Then we spent some time packing, and how we ended up with more stuff, when we practically bought nothing was amazing. It was probably all the ‘warm clothing’ we had to get, and the fact my son had 5 pairs of shoes (2 of them new), and my daughter brought her full warddrobe.

It was great meeting Tim, Yanik Silver’s partner in Maverick Business – it looks like a fun group of people.

By time we finished dinner and was saying our good byes, it was already late. We still had some packing to do, and were among the first off the boat at 7:30am – as we had a flight out, and it was still an hour drive to the airport.

So for us it was a relatively early night, as we bid farewell to an amazing fun cruise.

Which by the way, I already signed up for!! You can too 🙂

You have to come next year with me either as a cruiser – Internet Marketer Vacations

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Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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