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Internet Marketers Vacations – Destination Belize

Ah the weather… it isn’t raining, but it is cold.

We docked at 6:15am, and the ship opened up at 7am for disembarking, but it was cold and cloudy – so we didn’t rush off. We got up late, and left about 10am. The issue with this island is we have to stay in the water, and tender a boat to the dock. There are 5 other boats here, approximately 12,000 people hit the island, and were getting ferried across all at once. Wild.

The boat ride was great, but there was nothing in Belize.
The town was very poor, the people begging in the streets, and the prices geared for tourists. We did a historic tour, then went back to the ship.

The return time was 2:30 anyway – it was an early return. So we did the water slide on the boat, and watched the movie “Earth” on the largest jumbo tron outside movie screen on the seas. It was amazing. Later they had Micheal Jackson’s “This is It”. Then we had a networking event, dinner, and fun.

Tomorrow is Costa Mesa – come on sunshine.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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