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IM (Internet Marketers) Against Poverty take action.
(I AM)

In the age of acronyms, abbreviations, text messaging,
and a reduction in the time it takes us to get a
message out and across to millions of people, it is
important to remember that there are causes we need to add
to our schedule as well, and it is time once again for
us to unite, and reach out.

I know many of you are heading out on a long weekend, or just taking it easy before
a new season takes hold and you take to the pavement and achieve your goals.

But, before you do, please take a few minutes to find out more about an organization that we will be supporting this year at the World Internet
Main Event. Unitus. No donations, just look.

Many of you may recall I was in Singapore when this
first type of fundraiser happened to make the world
a better place for those who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

It was amazing, and $100,000 was given to Feed the
Children foundation, and it was so easy when we all
worked together.

During this year’s event, we will be trying to raise
more, and for an amazing cause that will touch you.

We’re not asking for money today, just a few minutes
of your time to take a look at what
we will be doing to make the world a better place.
Just look

I thank you in advance of your time, and I hope you
have a fantastic week end, and I’ll see you when
you get back.

Unitus – Empowering Business Owners to Change Lives

Join me in knowing that organizations such as this
exist, and that they are making a difference to
millions. This isn’t a handout, it’s a loan. Register
for future announcements, you’ll be very glad you did.

Find out More

Your success coach and friend.
Tracy Repchuk
Wealth Building Coach
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – I promise this video will bring you hope. Unitus Organization

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