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How to Make a Good YouTube Video Blog

Hey! Tracy Repchuk here and Thank you very much for joining me on this journey. What I’m about to do stand from a question from a client. And a question was “How do I a blog post?” And, so I was going to do a little training video on how to do a blog post. And then I realize that the way the industry is going right now. The power is coming from a video blog. And so, I’m going to teach you the entire mechanism of how to really capture SEO ranking and get attention to your videos, backlinks the works. So I’m gonna do that and you can choose whether you gonna do video blog or do the normal blog post. But either way is the sequence of all. So the first thing you do, when you do a blog post is to come with the keyword. What you actually talk about and you wanna make sure that keyword base. I’m gonna show that to you in a minute. everything you do stands from that when you do the blog post your going to name the title, the keyword. the URL you gonna put it in the article heading, you gonna put it to the meta description, you gonna a content you gonna put everything you can. That’s how you get SEO. You do the keyword Topic, you posted on Youtube, make that video has the call to action. If your my client you should be driving to a landing page. Once you posted that video. Go to Google+ and announce it. Then go to social media button share with in Youtube adn click on anything you have. And share it that way. Thats step 1 of getting the most of you can from putting up a Youtube video. Then you go to your blog and your going to post that video embedded as a blog post. Your gonna do what I say earlier. Then you put it on your Autoresponder Master Series and you gonna broadcast everybody “Hey! Ladies Blog post, I’m now here talking about how you doing effective video blog.” And then you put it to your Autoresponder Master Series which broadcast to everybody right now and when somebody gonna hit that blog post when they do, like say Email #47 or something now when anybody hit that email 47 they gonna sent to your blog and your gonna read it.
I created a little presentation to do this as a sample for you. So I put this thing together. Use you webcam go straight to Youtube if you want. YOu don’t have to do what I have to do. So I created a little presentation here and recorded it and I posted that on YouTube was the beginning of our journey.
And I’m going to show you all of the things. I’m in the process of doing right now. So here we go. Let’s go to Youtube. I uploaded then I came up with the title. So always start with your keyword as a title. And I go to Google and start to typing something about Landing Pages. So eventually the best came up for me is “Why Creating a landing page” so that begin my keyword. And the I came in Youtube and put it as my title. Then your first line of the description is always your website. this is where getting our power as a backlink form YouTube, Google, all of that. This is part of SEO First next line now is the keyword once again “Why Create a Landing Page”. And it really doesn’t what every else you want in here. Then I went to my tag and I selected once popped up. And that help to categorized it. That’s the three key, lets go back here there’s the three key that I was talking about on here, title and description and annotations are optional. That’s good and I saved that. And then, lets publish. And lets go here now, Then the next step to do was go to Google+ and share it, right? So I went to Google+ and I started to type “Why Create a Landing Page?” and I just added Tracy Repchuk. I put the link here.

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