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Do you want to double your income?


One of the biggest issues I hear is I’m not making the money I think I should be, how do I get more clients in the door?
Now getting clients in the door is important, but I want to make sure you have the complete picture.
You see there are 3 ways to increase your income, and they are tightly integrated.
They are;
  1. Increase Leads
  2. Increase Conversions and
  3. Increase Frequency of buying

The better way to approach this, is to think in terms of this equation.

L x C x F = GP

Leads x Customers x Frequency = Growth Profit

With this you can increase your bottom line, without adding more expense, because the biggest cost is the initial acquisition of a new client.
And then here is where that exponential formula finally has a practical application
2L x  2C x 2F = 8 GP

X2 Leads = 2 x GP = Double our profits

x2 Customers = 4 GP

x2 Frequency = 8 GP

Let’s look at the first one

1. Increase Leads 

For the last 11 years I have been talking about the landing page.A landing page – is a 1 page website – that does ONLy 1 thing,
get the name and email address of a prospect in exchange for a value added gift that will show them how you can solve their problem.This will allow you to build a list of people that know, like and trust you.And the best way to get them there is through your social media and an effective gift called a lead magnet.Doubling your leads is the beginning step to make more money.

In fact it’s critical to the success of the next 2 methods.

2. increase conversions.

Conversions are when a person moves from a prospect to a customer.This is where it gets exciting because this leads to another 2x growth of your incomeYou see once someone has opted in and they end up in your marketing funnel now it’s about leveraging systems, strategies, programs and services that can help you convert faster.
It takes 7-12 touch points to make a sale, and with the use of systems such as autoresponder email management software this reaches out on your behalf – building know, like and trust until they have been enlightened and educated enough to want to work with you.3. Increase Frequency

Now that a person is in the system – and they have bought something, you want to do 2 more things –
  • either increase the frequency in which they buy – by offering more programs and services they can take advantage of or
  • offering higher end programs that may convert less, but result in more profit margin than your lower offeringsSo with an enticing landing page, effective conversion strategies and irresistible offers; with automation – you can double your income with each step of the formula, leading to an 8 x increase.And it all starts with the landing page foundation from my bestselling program Instant Online Impact Silver – which has me build all of what you need to get the jumpstart on your market.
  • So how do you get started – 1 of 3 ways
  • 1. Call the office right now and we’ll do an assessment for you2. Get a deeper understanding of all the pieces by heading to ALandingPage.com3. Experience one for yourself by opting in to mine at FastActionResults.comTake your pick and I look forward to helping you reach your next level.

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions

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