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I want to make you an INSTANT EXPERT.

Do you know how you do that?

Become an expert by association. That’s how most people start. Be seen and get promoted by an expert.

So Let’s meet in Los Angeles.

May 16-17th at LAX Marriott

Details located here: Dreams to Reality Success Summit

As part of you attending the summit, you will be video taped for a 2 minute tip, and appear on the same DVD as the million dollar speakers.

Saturday night we’ll get together and prepare you for your appearance on tape.

Plus you can become an affiliate and tweet about it, blog, invite friends, and make
$250 dollars in commission per sale.

One sale could pay for your own ticket.

So go right now – book your spot

Dreams to Reality Success Summit

And I’ll see you there!

Tracy Repchuk

Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS – You will be made an instant expert at the show and appear as such in a DVD that you get where all of the speakers will be on it!
And a website. A product will be provided to you!

PPS – If you can’t come, select Become an Affiliate and make money just by promoting it.
Dreams to Reality Success Summit

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