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During the TV shooting for HGTV, as a backdrop was a fire, although 2 hillsides over, left us with poor air quality, reduced visibility, ashes, dust, and 100 foot smoke plumes.

When I first moved to California I could never understand why the hills were so barren and brown. I figured at the time it was heat, never imagining that almost annually hills catch on fire and are scorched barren of vegetation.

Over 85,000 acres, and only 5% contained. 30 miles so far have burned, and as we live on a hill top, fire is an issue for us too.

Thankfully we only have soot on our vehicle every day, and the smoke and clouds are directly behind us – but our hill is not on fire.

I am amazed how fast this fire, now in its 5th day spread. When I think about where I am from, that fire goes from Burlington, ON to Toronto distance wise. That spans 5 cities. At many points, they have to reroute air traffic away from Burbank Airport.
The only planes we hear right now are those dropping water on nearby hills.

Most of the day we are smoke covered, as the 3 digit temperatures and no wind let it hover. No wind isn’t great for us, but sure is a blessing for the firefighters which has almost hit the 3000 mark.

Houses, ranches, animals, have burned, deaths have occurred.

Send your prayers to those areas, and be vey grateful for something today.

I know I am.

Smoke Cloud behind our house

Now onto the reveal.

Here are the before shots.

Behind the stove

Floor – this floor was brutal – it was like concrete – I had to put a cement backerboard subfloor – which was the hard part because drilling was wicked – but the rest was easy – except on my knees.

And remember – I did this – not bad for an internet marketer.

Here are the after shots.



So much fun, it didn’t feel like work. Eric Stromer is hilarious, he’s like the Robin Williams of carpentry.

Have a great day.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Hope you enjoyed this post – it wasn’t internet marketing – but just a bit of personal stuff to share today

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