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Client Kerri Salls has just released her book “Harvest Your Wealth: Exit Essentials for Your Business”

Plenty has been written on starting and growing a company but very little has been written on exit strategies and on how to effectively monetize that investment when you want to be able to get out.

What has been written has focused on the financial and legal side of the exit transaction or from the advisor or the buyer perspective.

Harvest Your Wealth is for you the owner/entrepreneur/seller, to give you more control and leverage getting out.

When you start your business – this needs to be on your mind.

You are the business owner. Your goal beyond income is to build your company to produce wealth.

You envision, strategize and execute to achieve the promise you made to your family and yourself when you launched your business.

It’s time to build your legacy with an exit plan that fulfills your promises.

Harvest Your Wealth is a powerful book packed with exit essentials for your business.

It is your guide, your plan, and your advisor to prepare your business and your team and to structure a clean, solid, and profitable business exit strategy.

That’s how you cash out of your business to cash in on your future.

In a very accessible style, author Kerri Salls delivers on the urgency to start taking action now. She then provides the process and steps necessary to achieve results in your business and beyond. Harvest Your Wealth informs and prepares you, the exiting business owner, to accelerate sales and optimize growth, to make your business buyer ready and buyer attractive, so you can get out on your terms, on your timeline.

Get your copy today – regardless of where you are in your business history.

Once you build a company, at some point you want to get out – and if you do it the right way – you can get paid for that!

Congratulations Kerri Salls!

Here’s to YOUR Success

Tracy Repchuk

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