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Guerrilla Balance Sheet Product Review

Overall Five Stars out of Five and I’ll tell you why.

Product Location: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

Product Type: “$7-report”

Product Overview: While billed as a $7-report, there are a few key differences to this and other similar products of this kind.

First, at over 50-pages, the report is more like a $99-ebook.

Next, the ideas are legitimately new and not some watered down rehash.

Last, while the report basically assures there is more to come (probably even more to buy), the promises are fulfilled with “How to do’s” as well as “What to do’s”

Product Business Purpose: The purpose of this report is to help business owners “Never run out of money again” by turning your expenses into profit centers. Additionally, it focuses on how to turn your marketing expenses into a profit

Product Quality: Quality is high and noticeable.
The authors, who are working with the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, claim to have generated over 9 drafts and revisions and it shows.

In addition to be very readable and graphically attractive, the action steps throughout and the supporting links allow for implementation of the
ideas immediately.

Summary: The basic premise is classic business advice causes owners to focus on the wrong things,losing, and that may be responsible for the high failure rate of most businesses and entrepreneurs.

An alternative approach, where you get paid for everything you do…and specifically for the areas of expense in your business, is offered.

While some of the case for turning expenses into profit centers may at times seem to be more work than they’re worth…

…the main example of turning your marketing into a profit center is spot-on, solid, and simple.

This is certainly the best $7-report I’ve seen in a very long time if not the best ever. I would recommend you get a copy at $7 you have nothing to lose.
Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

As a final note, like most $7-reports, you earn a commission when you recommend and promote it to others. However, where other reports are 100% commission, this program pays on two tiers.

Consequently, there’s no 100% commission.

Additionally, when you read the report, you’ll see why it would have been incongruent for the authors to offer a 100% commission.

Reviewer: Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

The Guerrilla Balance Sheet can be purchased at: Tracy Repchuk Recommends and for only $7, it is of immense value.

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