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When I heard Google Adwords is Dead from an authority such as Simon Leung, I was terrified. Especially since I had just paid for a whole pile of Adwords training, finally ready to master this giant of the internet.

For anyone that saw my last blog post, and if you didn’t just go here and get caught up, but I was at Simon Leung’s Adwords Workshop giving a presentation (last minute), on “The 7 Critical Building Blocks to Building Your Internet Marketing Empire” and of course, surrounding this event was Simon’s recent controversial launch of his latest report – “The Death of Google Adwords”

Have you heard about it?

Considering Simon is one of the the foremost authorities on Google, and I was just heading to his workshop when this hit, that if you use Google Adwords, it is definitely something you need to check out:

Death of Google Adwords

You’ll be able to discover what only a few others know.


Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – Google rules the net, so if you want to make money in Internet Marketing and get your products and services heard among the billions of sites, you need to know what Simon Says!

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