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The next days of my Internet Marketing lifestyle while I gathered photos for my magazine Poetry Canada included a trip to Edmonton, Alberta – where of course we went to the West Edmonton Mall.

And, the next day after that was Drumheller, Alberta, home of the Dinosaur digs and the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

This place was a Ripley’s. I have never seen so many cars, and tourists at a museum, and I have been to the Louvre, MOMA, and many in Italy. This place packed them in fast and furious. It contains all the dinosaur remains they have discovered and dug so far. Incredible. At $30 to get in for our family, they were raking it in. I have never seen a crowd like that for a museum.

Worth doing though. Then we drove to see the Hoodoos (small versions of Arizona rock formations), cute, but not the Grand Canyon.

Seeing the success of the museum, and the dinosaurs made me think that you can’t live life in the past, but you sure can use it for your benefit in the future. So next time you think something is holding you back, either use it, or get rid of it.

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro
Internet Marketing success story of the year for 2007

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