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Have you registered yet for my exclusive webinar with Jeff Mills who will show you in under 1 hour
what this iphone and smartphone phenomenon is all about – and how you can understand what
it means to you, and your business.

There is a mobile movement going on. The rise of smart phones are creating smarter consumers and
smarter marketers with more opportunities for marketing.

Consumers have their smart phones on all the time, its always with them and they constantly browse
the Internet, search through Google, watch videos through sites
like YouTube and connect with friends in social networking sites like Facebook.

The simple fact is mobile ads work. 82% of people browsing through their smart phones notice an ad
and yet 72% of website owners don’t have a mobile optimized website.

Did you know….
42% click on the mobile ads.
35% visit the advertisers site.
49% make a purchase.
29% call the business.

Before it’s too late – before your competition is doing this, and before you are miles behind
in what is about to explode and become the standard YOU NEED to hear this.

It’s FREE – just register to attend.

Webinar with Jeff Mills

See you there!

Tracy Repchuk and Debbie Allen
Your Power Business Mentors

PS – Smartphones are outselling PCs, what does that mean to you? You have to know.
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