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In preparation for my teleseminar, which was broadcast around the world by Women Internet Marketers of the UK, I had decided that I would create a joint venture ebook to promote my new Joint Venture Coaching Club. It started out to be just a quick tip guide, but as I started to write down some of the steps and how I dealt with joint venture partners, it grew into an ebook.

When I did the Amazon bestseller campaign it became an art to deal with joint venture partners, because in this scenario, you aren’t giving them any monetary incentive, which is really one of the most powerful driving forces in joint venturing. You learn a lot from a cycle such as this.

So I took some of those steps that had been successful for me, and put together a great fast track to joint venture successfully, called “Joint Venture Basics – Get Ready to Win the JV Jackpot”

7 Things to do BEFORE you start looking for a Joint Venture Partner

7 Steps to a Successful Joint Venture

7 Steps to Finding Joint Venture Partners

If you would like a copy of this ebook free, to read, and give away as a gift, feel free to go to:

Have a great day, and happy joint venturing.

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Coach

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