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Day 3 at World Internet Summit Dallas – I ran into a very quiet and humble man who was responsible for Stephen Pierce’s branding strategy over the past few years. His client list goes for miles, and he pulled me aside and told me this…

“Overcome Financial Disaster and Tap Instantly into the Ultimate Mindset Maker, Action Taking, Wealth Making, Record Breaking, Continuity for Life
Recurring Revenue Power of
a Quantum Leap!”

Day 3 at the World Internet Summit Dallas was another amazing learning experience for the attendees and online viewers.

Marc Harty and Jeff Crilley

Barnaby De Palma

Matt Bacak

Dr. Mike Woo and “Koz”

Stephen Pierce – closed the day.

You really need to be there.

Find out where the next World Internet Summit will be.

Perhaps I will be there.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Take advantage of the program he talks about and become a Quantum Leaper with Quantum Leap Profits

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