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I love a good marketing campaign, and it amazes me how creative some people are.

I came across the site for the latest Evan Almighty movie which is coming out soon, and it had wrapped a charitable campaign around itself.

So it gets great press, and raises funds for a great cause. Perfect combination of marketing genius. A bit like the American Idol over $70 million dollar campaign for US and African children. Exactly the way thought at this level should be going, because the money generated from these ventures alone could feed a small nation, and the fact they are merely leveraging on their viewers to fund raise, is a great example of tapping into what resources you already have.

So that is the lesson for today. Leverage on what you have, and start to think outside of the box with your marketing endeavours so it makes them that much more unique, interesting and lasting.

Leave your legacy.

From this campaign, a small $5 dollar donation, lets you plant a fake tree on a fake island, but, the money of course goes to a truly great cause – and you get your name on the Evan Almighty DVD. How fun is that?

So check out this campaign, buy yourself a tree, and enjoy your internet marketing journey.

Here is my tree – check it out and I hope to see you in the Almighty Forest.

Evan Almighty – Almighty Forest
I was tree # 4062. What number are you going to be?

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

P.S. Here’s what your $5 does:

Dear Tracy Repchuk,

Thank you for your generous donation to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program and for your support of the Evan Almighty Forest and With your contribution, we are offsetting your carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees in new forests across the nation.

Thanks to support from committed individuals such as you, the Fund has restored nearly 30,000 acres and planted more than 9 million trees since 2000. Over the next 100 years, these new forests will capture an estimated 13 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.

We are proud that both Charity Navigator and the American Institute of Philanthropy have awarded the Fund their highest ratings for committing 96% of funds to program support. In fact, this is the sixth year in a row that the AIP has recognized the Fund as the nation’s most efficient and effective environmental organization.

Thank you again for joining our efforts to combat the most pressing environmental issue we face today.

Lawrence A. Selzer