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Tracy Repchuk Speaker and Best Selling Author

    How effective is putting out advertisements on Facebook and Google in your opinion? Which one of the two do you personally prefer?

Some people swear by Google and Facebook Ads and use it as a full business model – and I use both, just in small ways for very specific purposes. ??When I am doing a webinar or event, I use Facebook ads because they can specifically target the exact audience I need, in the geographical location I need them to be, with specific interests and ages. ??If I am doing a generic promotion to a product or service or sending to a landing page, I still use Google to capture that audience.??My only recommendation here would be to specifically learn the skill before you jump in and start spending money. Plus, make sure your structure is in place to effectively convert those leads into sales, or else you could be spending money that you can’t trace to results.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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