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I have a unique opportunity, very low cost, and it’s a chance for a select few to get in at the ground level with me.

If you travel or would like to travel more…

I have just joined an amazing travel group – because I travel all over the world, and realized I was giving my money away.

And, the prices were better with this group, than I was getting elsewhere – and I’m a shopper for bargains.

On Wednesday, 6 top marketers have combined to put together an amazing offer for this opportunity – but what I would like before Wednesday is that you check it out – and if it looks like something you would like to do – JOIN NOW.

Here is the link – 4yourDreams

You see, if you JOIN before the call, you will benefit from everyone that joins on that call – and they will.

You will get the offer from Wednesday – AND – you’ll benefit from the new joins, because they will be under us. You’d be part of my upper line, and that will include mentoring and guidance for this opportunity.

Find out for yourself – 4yourDreams.WorldVentures

If you want to join – call me and I’ll walk you through it.

You’ll be part of one of the strongest marketing teams I have ever been a part of.

One of our members alone makes 25 million dollars. He also is a traffic GOD. As a team, we will benefit from that.

Get paid to travel – what could be better than that!

Want to join, call me – 818.859.7210

Your own Travel Site: WorldVenture Travel

Just think – you’d be part of an 8 trillion dollar industry.
Beats out personal development, health and wealth – combined.
Accounts for 43% of ALL online spending.
68% of the time this travel site beats out expedia, and travelocity
for cost savings – combined. Other times it is dollars which seperate it.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

PS – At the very least, watch the video, get to know it, and come to the teleseminar next Wednesday.

You’ll see then why it is an amazing opportunity, plus!

Your own Travel and Dream Site:

There is no minimums to buy or sell, no trips you have to take… it is a really great, simple model.

PPS – If you don’t feel like calling and have questions hit reply, or go to

PPPS – Check out my travel site. You can have friends order from your site, for free, and that gets you travel credits. You can travel for free.

Your Travel Site Look and Feel

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