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Do you have any clutter?

Think about your desk?
Your car?
Your basement or attic?
Your office?
Your bathroom?
Bedroom? Nightstand? Closet?

At every corner, is there a mess that needs to be tidied?

Did you know there is money to made by doing it?

If not, Kathleen Ronald, will be telling you how cleaning a closet, and clearing your clutter can make space for more of what you really want.

Like money!

Kathleen cleaned her car once and found a $1200 check. She donated her rainy day ‘change jar’ and attracted a $10,000 contract.

She’ll take you through her space clearing exercises to a new level of wealth attraction.

Get ready to invite abundance to your life, even if it’s not the type of thing you believe in.

It can only happen if you’re at the Dreams to Reality Success Summit June 18-20th.

Along with Kathleen Ronald, you’ll hear Loral Langemieir, Raymond Aaron, Tracy Repchuk, Chuck Mullaney, Jennie Armato, Debbie Allen, Jorge Bueno, Jill Lublin and more.

3 Days of learning an an amazing environment of luxury typical of the freedom lifestyle and the results of turning your dreams into reality.

Go now – and take advantage of the special ticket offer:

Tracy Repchuk Presents the Dreams to Reality Success Summit

Kathleen will show you how to:

– Discover how your paycheck is tied to your clutter

– Eliminate the 19 areas that clutter affects in your life and business

– Learn a simple system to help YOU emotionally release your clutter

– Create a clutter clearing ACTION plan to bring in “instant” abundance

See you there
Tracy Repchuk
“Recurring Riches for Life” Coach

PS – How many minutes does it take to make a change? Less than one. Decide, do it different,
and observe the results.

Tracy Repchuk Presents the Dreams to Reality Success Summit

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