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Pizza that is!

Chicago Internet Masters is where I am today, and it is another fun-filled, glorious day of talented speakers.

Kevin Nations hit the stage with Selling Techniques – good stuff.

Eric Farewell, Anik Singal, Erik Stafford, Alan Bechtold

and the Great Donna Fox.

I was also interviewed today for the series – “Conversations with Marketers” with Phil Cullum – look for that episode to air shortly.

Here are some photo highlights:

Some feedback I received:
Hi Tracy,
Great talk you did Friday at Ross Goldberg’s event in Chicago this weekend. You have put together a great formula to follow for people first getting started in the internet marketing business.

You gave people the credentials of your business experience as well as your personal history of the difficulties you had to overcome. That helped people see you as human and that you faced problems like we all do but you overcame them and were successful anyway. It helps building trust in someone who is considering investing in you.

Speaking as someone who is trying to figure things out in his own marketing efforts, having someone who has been there and done that who also has a formula, makes it easier to trust them to help guide them on a successful path to profitability.


I presented for the first time – Life is Easy when you have a formula

It balances mindset with practical to create a powerful combination you can easily get results from.

Check it out.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – My price is insane and won’t last long – be sure to check it out before I increase it back to what it should be. I have it show special right now.

I presented for the first time – Life is Easy when you have a formula

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