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Are you coming to JV Alert Live?

This year is almost gone. I’m not here to play the urgency game but even for All I have done this year, the clock is ticking and I have a BIG list of things I want done
before the clock strikes midnight – and I HOPE you do too!

I have 3 success factors:
1. Millionaire Mindset
2. Mentors/Formulas
3. Networking

And I know a way to get ALL 3 at the same time so that you will have your basics in place to Launch into 2009 with power.

But you have to make a decision now.

I have 3 amazing networking, mindset and mentoring opportunities for you. Some start as low as $197 for 4 FULL DAYS! (Regularly $997 – get it while it’s still reduced)

Meet me at one of the locations – CHOOSE ONE NOW!

  • Oct. 17th-19th – JV Alert in Las Vegas, NV
    This one is at an amazing resort, I am bringing my whole family.
    Join me at JV Alert Live

    I’ll be on stage with speakers such as Joe Sugarman, Dave Lakhani, John Di Lemme, and many others.

    Or October 30-Nov 2nd – Simply the best value Internet Money Can Buy!

    World Internet Summit Dallas

    or Nov. 6-9th – when I will be presenting at World Internet Summit Toronto, Canada (back to my home town).
    World Internet Summit Toronto

    with speakers such as Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak and what is being promoted as the top internet marketers in the world.

    Get really ready to make 2009 your launch year.

    It starts with one decision to pick one show.

    Whatever you do, do something!

    I’ll be there to help.

    Your Quantum Leap Coach
    Tracy Repchuk

    PS – Here they are again. Success No Excuses!

  • Oct. 17th – 19th – JV Alert Live

  • October 30-Nov 2nd – World Internet Summit Dallas

  • Nov. 6-9th – World Internet Summit Toronto
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