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Well you’ll never guess who dropped by my house today – it was surreal – Sandy the Squirrel from SpongeBob Square Pants – or at least the voice of this cartoon marvel.

Even in their teens my kids still adore the SpongeBob episodes, as do I.

In fact, hate to admit it, but I sleep with a big SpongeBob – much to the shagrin of my husband.

Here she is – picture of Caroline Lawrence and myself.

Such a cute and perky ball of energy, she is as entertaining as the character she plays.

Well we have connected on Twitter – one of the many marvels of social media and living in Los Angeles – and now we have met.

Here is Carolyn Lawrence, Celeste and Caleb Repchuk

Read her story of how she got into this gig and find out more about Carolyn Lawrence – aka Sandy the Squirrel from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Meet Carolyn Lawrence aka Sandy the Squirrel Sponge Bob Square Pants

Have a fun day!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – I even added a a picture with my kids as well, who came running up the stairs as soon as I said she played Sandy the Squirrel. Otherwise, it was just another visitor.

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