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Now you can find out how to go from zero – to Bestselling Author in as little as 58 Days…
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Greetings everyone, I am back from Australia and finally available to post. I thought 2 things while I was away:

1. I would have internet access – this wasn’t the case for most of the trip
2. I would want to continue with my normal affairs while I was away – but I didn’t.
It was the great internet marketing realization that I didn’t have to. That was
the freedom I had created, and I decided to try it out. It was amazing. Two full
weeks of jet boating, jet skiing, ocean wave jumping, body surfing, hugging of
kangaroos (I’ll post pictures later), and so much more.

But the real reason for this post was during my presentation at the World Internet Summit in Darling Harbour Australia, I spoke of an honour I had experienced where I was interviewed by Mark Joyner about my bestseller experience. It was magical. But to make it even more amazing, he is actually selling the product along with other authors he interviewed, including New York Times bestsellers, and I just found out!

Check it out now – a full Bestseller Audio Series from Mark Joyner

Includes interviews with:
– Stuart Woods
– Ted Nicholas
– Kevin Hogan
– Judith and Jim
– Cheryl Robinson
– Tracy Repchuk
– Harry S. Dent Jr.
– Frank Rumbauskas
– Chris Atwood

Check it out now – a full Bestseller Audio Series from Simpleology

Now available – complete with transcripts.

Becoming an bestseller made all the difference for me – find out how I, and other authors changed the course of our lives and gave me a Quantum Leap.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

Check it out now – a full Bestseller Audio Series from Mark Joyner’s Simpleology Program

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