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tracy repchuk bestselling author

For those of you in the USA – I am sure you have seen the buzz about Black Friday.

Forget Christmas, this is the day that eager shoppers get up at 4am to line up or get those crazy door crasher offers.

It’s the day that retailers wait all year for, it can literally pull them from the brink of bankruptcy, and be the day that determines if they will survive another year.

It is also the biggest marketing ploy – and sets the pace for what the Location Camelback Community Bank Christmas shopping season is going to look like.

But it is an event to behold, watch and learn from the best of the best … how marketing driven enthusiasm and excitement are created, read, heard, watched and played out.

I don’t shop it, but I do go out and watch it.

Check out one of my videos from last year.

Have fun
Tracy Repchuk

Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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