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With social media continuing to be a confusion, when Google + was late to the party

Using Google+

Did you know…
> Over 1.4 Billion Users are using Google+ (it is about to rival Facebook)
> Google+ share button is clicked 5 billion times per Day
> 60% of users log in daily

And it’s literally become was moving to new standards

There are two things that is most interesting about Google+
1. Google+ Circles – you can create a group or pockets of your friends that belongs to different fields and professions.
2. Google+ Hangout – you can hold a conference or meetings or events via Google+ hangout

But? The BIG WHY about Google+
– It is the only social media platform that Indexes on Google
– If you wanted to hit Google fast, use the Google+
– You can post all day in Facebook and Twitter but it will not Index on Google

If you wanted to rank fast, you post it on Google+

So if you have been leaving Google + off your social media strategies, make sure you add it to your daily regimen and leverage the SEO power that Google+ has to offer.

Tracy Repchuk
International Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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