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Good morning my fellow female entrepreneurs

I am writing to tell you about a fabulous new book called Priestess Entrepreneur: Keep your Soul Surviving as Your Business is Thriving
written by my friend, Cindy Morris.

Being an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old, and knowing no other life, I found it great to read about similar situations, and
I couldn’t put this book down! Wildly hilarious and witty, Cindy’s stories as a self-employed entrepreneur are told with distinction and dedication to loving and honoring what you do and who you are. She’s Erma Bombeck meets Deepak Chopra.
How can you pass up that combo?

Cindy takes the reader by the hand (it’s like having tea with your favorite auntie) and story-by-story, with pithy wit and heartwarming self-reflection, teaches invaluable lessons for the woman entrepreneur in ways that are memorable, impactful and humorous. Cindy tells you THE TRUTH about what it’s REALLY like do business AND the business of your life. She helps you deal with the biggest challenge to creating great business…YOURSELF!

Priestess Entrepreneur is a wonderful surprise. It is a book full of practical wisdom.

On July 8th there is an opportunity to purchase the book AND ALSO receive FREE GIFTS from other amazing women entrepreneurs Click on the following link and find out more about this generous offer, jam-packed with empowering information for you to use in your business AND the business of your life.

Priestess Entrepreneur

For the price of just the book ($17.95) you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of information from other women who have been in the entrepreneurial trenches, have compiled invaluable information to help you with your own journey to empowerment, and made it available to you TODAY!

Click on this link to see who all is offering up their expertise and experience to help YOU on your path.

Priestess Entrepreneur

This book made me proud to be a woman and even prouder to be an entrepreneur. I highly recommend. You just might find you’re a practical Priestess yourself!!

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Get your copy of Priestess Entrepreneur today

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