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If you want to make money in 90 minutes flat – keep reading.

Holy mackerel,

I just discovered that for the Alex Teleseminar Training program – which has a very limited class size – that many marketers have skipped promoting the teleseminar – and gone straight to promoting the program.

So if you want in, if you know that you’re interested in making lots of money by talking over the phone to your subscribers – then check out the full program now.

If you’re registered for the Alex telecall – that is great too. You will get so much out of it, 90 minutes of teaching with a follow-along exercise booklet for only $20.

The regular price is $99, I got you a $79 discount, and you can get in for only $20.

Sign up here for that: Alex Teleseminar Opportunity

No matter which way you look at it, getting training in a teleseminar, or looking at the full program – teleseminar/webinars are a very powerful, proven method for making
money fast!

Be sure to pick one or the other!

Check out Alex’s full program –

Sign up for the teleclass – Alex Teleseminar Opportunity

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Grab your mouse and click to: Tracy Repchuk recommends Alex Mandossian

PPS – Anyone who signs up for full training under my link we’ll have a one hour telecall to help get you ready for Alex’s program, and how to get the most from it.
After the program, we’ll do the same and get you ready for your first telecall by having all of us be there.

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