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5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Activity
5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Activity

Gone are the days when you marketed “to” your customers. Now, with the popularity of social media, there is a new way to market: it’s interactive. You no longer have to figure out creative ways to relay messages that will somehow get peoples’ attention, and then sit back and hope it’s working. By marketing through social media, you get to hear your customers’ reactions first-hand, and can tweak your marketing efforts accordingly. If you have accepted the new reality of social media marketing and are ready to take your Facebook potency to the next level, it is time to start thinking about improving your interactions with your fans. How do you do that?
Here are five ways to increase your Facebook fan activity:
Interact on other fan pages.
This is quite simple: if you want to establish your credibility on Facebook and lend some relevance to your fan page in order to stimulate fan interactions, then you need to be active in the Facebook world. One of the best ways you have of doing that is to be visible on other, related fan pages. Get involved in serious discussions, post useful tidbits of information, or even just show support for the page, and people will reciprocate by participating more on your fan page.
There are a number of useful applications that you can plug into your fan page in order to encourage interactions amongst your fans. For example, the “Fan of the Week” app actually keeps track of your fans’ participation and acknowledges your top fan of each week. People love recognition and this app will encourage them to hang out on your page more often.
Be genuine.
Your fans don’t want to feel that they are communicating with a robot. Be human. Be yourself. Interact on a personal level and people will respond.
Fan page partnerships.
Make it a point to promote other fan pages that you support, and those fan pages will do the same for you. You can promote other fan pages by sharing their pictures and posts, and by linking to their pages from your own page.
Have a contest.
Host a giveaway of some sort and provide your fans with a chance to win it, based on their participation. You can set this up any way you like. Many fan pages pose a silly question, or even a photo caption contest, and then advertise the prize and the deadline date.

Have fun with it and post a reply here – send me to view your great creation.
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