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Heidi Mooney Richards had been following Tracy Repchuk for years, and they finally met.

For years I had been following the creator of WE Women’s Magazine – and the EC Council for Women, and her name was Heidi. About 3 years ago she interviewed me for the magazine, and did an article on me. It is the funny nature of internet marketing, in that you can have people you admire and follow – and then the thrill of meeting them is either a let down or elation.

What was even funnier about finally meeting Heidi – when I spoke at her womens’ group in Fort Lauderdale, is that I admired her work, as much as she did mine.

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Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS – I want to break a myth people have about internet marketing. I was interviewed by Matt Adams for a product the other day – and here was my reply when he asked “Was getting as far as I did, as fast as I did in internet marketing easy?”

My answer – “No it wasn’t easy. I did whatever it took to do the things I did, ranging from working 18 hour days to taking massive risks both financially and personally. But the biggest thing I want people to know is that there is no magic wand in this industry. It takes hard work, and no matter what people tell you – there is no button you can push and money falls out.”

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