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A corporate logo is a critical element to defining a brand and can effectively make you look bigger and more impressive.

The logo is the first step in the entire brand building process and generally, nothing can happen with your websites until the logo is completed.

Here’s why nothing can proceed until this step is done – your landing page and website colors will launch and integrate from the colors confirmed on the logo. This will create a cohesive color coordinated brand.

A logo has 3 major elements

Image – that represents visually to your target market who you serve or what you do

The Title – this is your name or your company name

The USP – the unique selling proposition – what sets you apart or what you do for the prospect

The combination of these creates the powerful stand-alone image that represents you.

By adopting this simple 1,2, 3 step guide we can turn your existing logo into something guaranteed to impress.

Step 1 – Choose a Powerful Font

There are hundreds of fonts and like color selection, fonts can provide an instant impression. To get a peek at what some font styles look like you can use a tool such as this one

Study the fonts of other people in your industry, and see what impression they are giving off.

The key is to have it give the feeling and impression you want your company to produce.

Step 2 – Choose Colors that Your Target Market will Respond To

Create your logo using 2 major colors and 1 minor splash color

There are hundreds of colors and thousands of shades and each of them represents an impression it makes on your prospect.

For example – Blue – Dependable, Strength – Truth

Green – Growth, Health – wellbeing

Gold/Yellow – Optimism, warmth, creativity

Purple – Holistic, Wealth

So an example might be to choose master color – Green, secondary – blue and splash color – red

Your colors will be determined by your target market expectations and then be used throughout all of your sites and master promotional materials.

If you have colors in mind – use this tool – and you can put 3 colors together to get a feel for what they look like.

Step 3 – Choose a Visual Element that Creates Impact

This is where creative minds get to have some fun. Brilliant logos include Tostitos, Baskin Robbins – where images are embedded to carry out the company philosophy or unique selling proposition.

The logo should be just about complete and ready to enter the exhilarating world of corporate high life.

To summarize, Logo Design is an art form and the beginning of your brand – from which all other elements launch. You need it to give off a great first impression and WOW factor, as you have seconds to be remembered in the minds of your prospect.

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