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Pinterest is a pin-board-style social network that connects everyone through things that people find interesting. The social website allows its users to create, manage and browse other pin-boards and re-pin or like posts. Not only that, but the site also allows users to share the ‘pins’ on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Being referred to as one of the swiftly growing social networks, Pinterest is indeed becoming a social media platform for online marketing opportunities. Moreover, many are not aware that it is not only a photo sharing site but a video sharing site as well. Moreover, the social site has already added Video platform that contributed to the growth of the site.

To fully utilize the advantages of Pinterest, below are the three tips for marketing on Pinterest that marketers can follow.

Create a complete profile:

With the Video platform, pinners can now upload and customize video thumbnails. To do so, one must select an image that would catch the audience’ attention at the same time appropriate for the video uploaded. Moreover, Pinterest allows users to create a few “pin-boards.” A marketer may choose to post videos on separate pin-boards and place a creative description rather than titling “videos”.

Besides, do not leave the description field blank upon uploading a video. Besides the eye-catching thumbnail, most people would like read descriptions to know if it’s worth to watch. Make sure always to describe what the video is about.

The pinners browse and pin their interest on a daily basis, and most do it every hour. Clearly, they can’t be stuck on watching videos that are too long and, in turn, bore them. It is essential to post videos of reasonable length to ensure that Pinners will watch it from beginning till end. However, there are exceptions to that rule. Demo or do-it-yourself videos can be reasonably long since it gives instructions that people find helpful.

Include the Pin button to pin images that are interesting:

This is a simple way to connect with other Pinners or business pin-boards. First it gives a link to a person’s or company’s Pinterest account. Second, Pinterest follows button allows users to follow another user. Third, it enables users to interact with other users through comments and likes. Lastly, it tempts Pinners to re-pin a post. Thus, it increases marketing opportunities.

Besides asking and allowing others to follow and re-pin videos, one should also re-pin other user’s videos. In fact, re-pinning helps Pinners build their network of followers. However, it is essential to choose the ones to follow and re-pin. A good way is to find influential people in the same industry and reach out by following them and re-pinning appropriate videos.

Create a specific Pinterest video Campaign:

There are brands that have started creating video campaigns on Pinterest that encourages re-pinning their posts. Some even created a contest to submit a photo about certain topics. It is an effective marketing strategy that helps increase brand awareness just through pinning.
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