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If you haven’t heard of Armand Morin’s BIG Seminar, chances are you are new to the industry. And if that is the case, I can’t think of a better place or show for you to attend, and here are 3 BIG reasons why…

1. Right now you get 3 days of amazing speakers who will educate you on what is making BIG money and network with some of the most successful people in the industry.

2. The training starts now and includes 8 weeks of
teleseminars before you even get there. You will be ready for your next level by time you arrive.

3. Two events for the price of one.
When you book your ticket to the BIG Seminar before August 31st, 2008, it will include a full 3 day workshop worth $3997 with Armand Morin himself. This is a package hundreds have paid for in itself, and if you act now you can have it as part of the purchase price.

Join me at Armand Morin’s BIG Seminar Event

This is a critical step in your journey. A leap of faith in knowing that what you need next, is waiting for you at this show. I’m going to be there, and I’m not even speaking.


Because Armand Morin makes over $20,000,000 a year, and he will show you exactly how he does that in his 3 day workshop, that is the bonus to the amazing 3 day seminar.

It is ALREADY worth it.

I will see you there – we’ll get together and help plan your strategy that will guarantee you get the most from your investment.

Your Quantum Leap Coach
Tracy Repchuk

PS – “Armand Live” is just what it sounds like…
Armand presenting live for 3 days… all his latest techniques and strategies for selling millions on the web.
No other speakers. Just Armand.
Anyone who purchases a ticket to the Big Seminar before August 31st will automatically receive a ticket to Armand Live (that’s a $3997 value).

It is the biggest bonus packages for anyone who registers for his world famous Big Seminar today.

PPS – Also, if you purchase a guest ticket to Big Seminar, they’ll also receive a guest ticket to the Armand Live event.
Another $3997 value! Grab a friend and share the costs.

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