The Bucket List – How to Create a Bucket List

When I saw the movie The Bucket List, it was so fun because I have had somewhat of a bucket list for as far back as I can remember – even as a kid.

A bucket list – as it is eloquently advertised now with the latest movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman – is a list you make before you kick the bucket.

And I thought this would be a great thing to add to our “Operation Financial Freedom” journey – because it really helps you acheive your goals, your dreams, and have fun while you’re doing it.

Why have fun you may ask?

Because it’s not all about the grind and achievement of the work place.

My bucket list has on average 100 items, some big, some small, and when I get one done, I add another. So essentially I either won’t finish, or live forever – hmmm.
I’ll take my pick later.

So in the spirit of Financial Freedom and the joy of life, I’ll share a few of mine with you, and strongly encourage you to make one for yourself. List everything you want, big or small, easy or next to impossible, but if you don’t dream and shoot for the stars, you’ll always end up missing out, or never coming close enough.

Tracy Repchuk’s Bucket List Sample: (And remember, they can be as ‘unreal or impossible as you want – it’s YOUR list)

– Disover the answers to the Egyptian Pyramids while I am in them
– Operate spiritually exterior to my body
– Live in a Beverly Hills Mansion
– Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
– Around the World trip with my kids and husband – completely documented and filmed
– More money than I could ever spend in a lifetime so that whenever my charity or church needs me, I can donate, and when I kick the bucket – my family and charities will more than be taken care of
– Appear on the Oprah show
– Be a NY Times #1 bestseller for every book I release
– Be a world renowned motivational speaker

You get the picture I’m sure. I hope these have given you some sort of

Have fun, dream big, and start your bucket list today.

And even better – POST IT HERE – to share with everyone. Just go to the COMMENTS section and add your list – and don’t forget to put your website link in – after all – I am an internet marketer – and you should always be looking for a way to market yourself or your products!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – If part of your dream list is making money on the internet, I have a mentor class starting soon – Find out more at

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  1. Hi Tracy

    This is a fantastic idea – all of us should do a “bucket list” – after all – we wont know if we have accomplished our goals if they were never set ! Writing it down makes them real. As I say this in this comment, I feel the reality of the statement – writing it down makes it real !!

    Here are few quick ones …
    – I want to sell a painting for $100k
    – I want to go to Machu Pichu Peru
    – I want to star in a major Hollywood film
    – I want to do a major paying voice over

    cheers all – make your list !

  2. Tracy,

    I love the idea of a bucket list. I love it so much that I created a blog site to encourage people to make and share their own bucket lists. Check it out at

    My philosophy is that the best way to predict your future is to design it! A bucket list helps you design and live your best most inspiring life!

    Dr. Mike Davison

  3. Tracy,

    I too love the idea of putting together a bucket list. I love the idea so much I created a blog dedicated exclusively to inspiring people to make and share their bucket list.

    My philosophy is that the best way to predict your future is to design it! A bucket list is a great way to start being more purposeful and intentional in how you live your life.

    To Your Best Life!

    Dr. Mike Davison

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