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Tracy Repchuk Host of TechTalk with Tracy TV

Tracy Repchuk on KRQE News 13 Tracy Repchuk On FOX5 News

Tracyrepchuk on CTV Morning Live

Tracy Repchuk on Breakfast TV

Tracy Repchuk On New Mexico Style Television

Tracy Repchuk on ABC7 News

Tracy Repchuk on Day Time News

Tracy Repchuk on Life Love Shopping

Tracy Repchuk on Good Day New Mexico Show

San Diego Living


Tracy Repchuk Interview on

My News 3:: Tracy Repchuk

Tracye Repchuk on KMIR News 6


forbes1 – Want To Capture Gen Z? Try These Eight Marketing Tips – 15 Effective Methods For Busy Professionals To Master New Skills – 14 Creative Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Coaching Website – 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Recruitment Practices – As Boomers Retire, Follow These Tips To Ensure A Smooth Transition – 15 Biggest Challenges Women Leaders Face and How to Overcome Them – 11 Lessons About Leadership Transition – Taking A Sabbatical: Eight Ways To Convince Your Boss A Sabbatical Is A Good Idea – Most Common Ways You’re Neglecting Your Middle Manager and What to Do About It – 14 Tips to Successfully Publish Thought Leadership Content on Linkedin – 11 Ways To Decide If It’s Time To Pivot Your Business – Personal Branding and Leadership – 9 Sentences You Should Never Say in a Job Interview – 10 Coaching Skills Every Leader Should Master – What is Impactful Communication and Why is it Important for Your Company – Why You Should be Using Your Book as a Business Card – Leveraging Blab to Grow Your Business – 12 Ways Your Company Can Excel Ethically – 10 Mistakes You’re Making When Building Your Thought Leadership – 12 Common Mistakes CEOs Make When It Comes To Strategic Planning – 7 Ways Boredom is Actually Good For You – How You Can Encourage Staff to Stick Around for More Than Two Years – Why Experiential Learning Should Be Part Of Your Employee Training – Being Shy Doesn’t Stop You From Being A Great Leader

Forbes – Tracy Repchuk Presenting at the
– Hollywood African Prestigious Awards

Forbes – Announces Tracy Repchuk Launch of program

Forbes – Mentions New Tracy Repchuk #1 Bestseller Book Mission Critical Messengers







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Other appearances on this show along with Tracy Repchuk are Stevie Wonder, Donald Trump, the Kardashians, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas, Stedman Graham, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Mark Victor Hansen and even Bart Simpson (aka Nancy Cartwright).

Forbes Radio Interview


Tracy Repchuk on Report on Business Television



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Tracy Repchuk appears on 104.7 FM for Social Media Expertise



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