Top 4 Critical Elements for Best Selling Book Success

I just completed interviewing Jason Oman, #1 International Bestselling author of “Conversations with Millionaires” and he shared the top 4 tips to making your book a bestseller. From his interview I reviewed even my own book and changed the back cover and the table of contents. This just touches on what he said as the audio interview which is included for free with the purchase of the book has it all. […]

Dan Kelly Special Offer

Hey everyone, Special offer for my blog visitors and ezine subscribers. Get your hands on Dan Kelly’s “Mini-Site Secrets Revealed” absolutely free!! This awesome package includes 14 step-by-step videos where Dan walks you through everything you need to know to setup your very own order taking, money making websites. NOTE: Dan has also included several bonuses, worth hundreds of dollars by themselves. Value: $97.00 Tracy RepchukMarketing Makeover Maestro – Get […]

New testimonial, audio and bonus products updated

Hey everyone,Just wanted to make sure you had a chance to check out the latest testimonial on the website from Richard Harrington, creator of the Baby Hat Pad. Plus, I have added an audio intro from me about the book and the site, and listed the bonus products that are available so far. Over $625 worth of free bonus items, but only if you buy it on April 13th, […]

Marketing Using the YouTube Craze

Marketing Using the YouTube Craze Google knows a good thing when they see it or else why would they pay 1.65 billion for YouTube, which is a video sharing project that has grown to massive proportions. Did you ever wonder how you can ride the wave of success at YouTube? The best ratings and Editor’s picks are going to people from all walks of life. Everyone from the little actress, […]

World Internet Summit Interview

Hey everyone, I was checking out the World Internet Summit website, and I discovered that an interview Location Brentwood Bank that was done with me appears on the site and on YouTube. How fun is that. Anyway, go here and check it out. Check out the show that started it all for me! The video is posted here as well. Have a great day,Tracy Repchuk Tracy Repchuk Bestselling author […]

Baby Hat Pad Sales Website Completed

I finished the Baby Hat Pad sales website – so check it out Before the product launched it was #1 on Google for its search keywords from a method I employed before the product was even created. Baby Hat Pad is a really great patented invention that protects a toddler from head injuries that are often sustained during the tenuous learning to walk phase of life. If you have […]

Friday April the 13th will be your lucky day

Hi everyone, The launch day for “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” is fast approaching – and it is Friday April 13th, 2007. I wanted to give you the luckiest Friday the 13th you have ever had, by not giving you the original $250 in Free bonus items for purchasing on that day, but I have decided to give you $625 in free bonus items instead. This is to make […]

Dave Taylor Exclusive Interview

The Dave Taylor Interview has completed, and that was fun. As part of the book purchase of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Dave Taylor, an Internet marketer who has been in the computer industry since 1980, and specializes in Blog, and Social Media sites. Dave can show you how to turn your Blog into a money-making machine, and how to use Social […]

Jason Oman Exclusive Interview

Holy mackeral – was that fun! Another interview installment for the “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” #1 International Best Selling Author of “Conversations with Millionaires” This guy rocks. His interview was awesome, and I would ask a question, and he would give SO MUCH information it was fantastic. Internet marketing at its finest. His specialty is teaching someone how to create an Amazon best seller, and the advice he […]

Adam Ginsberg Exclusive Interview

This has been so exciting putting this book together. 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles Here’s a glimpse of Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Tapping Into the Internet Marketing Miracle Makers Why You Should Consider a Mentor Mentor Analysis Select a Mentor Building Your Team` Internet Marketing Miracle Makers This section may appear small, but it has great content, and really helps you evaluate mentor programs, why you should really consider […]