Squidoo – Internet Marketing’s Not So Hidden Jewel

Okay, I have finally taken a look at Squidoo. This is an internet marketing tool I wanted to share with you. Before we get into details, take a look at a Squidoo Lens I created.Internet Marketing Squidoo I knew about Squidoo a while back, but didn’t have the time to really check it out. Now I have, and it is a fun place, easy to do, and really helps with […]

Once upon a time there was an email eating monster…

… and he lived far, far, away in the swamps and forests of ISP land. Then one nasty day, while the King and Queen slept in their lovely room of gardenias and grapes, the monster struck like a fury of fire and swept through the pixies of dust talk, spreading them like a dandelion’s wisp, never to be found again as they roamed the land of intricate pathways of neurons […]

What do Tracy Repchuk, Bodhi Elfman and Marisol Nichols all have in Common?

They’re about to appear in the same movie. Hey everyone, Just wanted to tell you a bit about what I did last night, which was something wild and unusual. I was challenged at a “Greatness Nation Call” on Friday, and itwas everyone should do something different this weekend. So I set out to do just that. And lo and behold, didn’t we getan email from the award-winning director Taron Lexton […]

Jay Abraham’s Income Building Home Study System.

I am so excited to be able to tell you about this. I have never brought you a more powerful offerbecause Jay Abraham has never put out a packagethat costs this little. Until now. If you have been in the Internet Marketing fieldthen you will have heard of Jay Abraham. He is theguru of guru’s, and I appeared on the same stage as him in Singapore, and he is known […]

Tracy Repchuk Makes it to second round of Next Internet Millionaire

Okay, how fun is this. I just got back from World Internet Mega Summit where I met the gurus/experts of my dreams, and I get an email that says I have made it to the next round, top 50 in the world to be considered for the top 12 to be sent to Colorado and work with an amazing panel of experts in their fields for The Next Internet Millionaire. […]

Quantum Leap Tele-class June 19th – Register Now

“Secrets Revealed From the VIP Room of the World Internet Mega Summit in Singapore” Quantum Leap Success Tracy Repchuk takes you to the VIP Room, andreveals what she learned from the top Internet Marketinggurus in the world. ONE NIGHT ONLY! “What YOU Need to Know to Take Your Next Quantum Leap!” Tuesday June 19th, 20076pm PST, 9pm EST(Even if you can’t make that date, you get the recording of it […]

Tracy Repchuk Meeting Mark Joyner at WIS Singapore

Okay pinch me I am dreaming! What can you say when you get to stand in the presence of greatness, and talk extensively with the “Godfather of Internet Marketing”. You say “Pinch me, I am dreaming!”. I got to meet Mark on a couple of occasions on this trip, and hear his thoughts, and talk about where he is taking his next steps, and it is huge. They are very […]

Tracy Repchuk meeting Ewen Chia – WIS Singapore

Here we are again, I got to speak with Ewen and his wife, and they were both a pleasure. And to top it off “EWEN WON BEST SPEAKER OF WIS SINGAPORE” which was so cool to see in front of his home town crowd. This doesn’t happen every year as you might expect, and took Ewen by surprise and joy. I had known a lot about Ewen, and had some […]

Tracy Repchuk meeting Stephen Pierce – WIS SIngapore

Wow! That’s the first thing I’ll start with. Stephen Pierce is a force of nature. The World Internet Mega Summit has been so exciting for me meeting many of the attendees, and meeting the speakers. It is definitely a dream come true. When Stephen walks on stage – you know it. He commands his space, the audience, and leaves you hanging on his every word whether it is about Internet […]

Tracy Repchuk meeting Tom Hua – WIS Singapore

Here we are again, What a busy day this has been. I can’t describe how awesome the World Internet Mega Summit is. It has been so exciting for me meeting many of the attendees, and meeting the speakers. It is definitely a dream come true. Tom Hua is incredibly mild-mannered when you meet him, but when he hits that stage, the passion pours out like a bull run in Pamplona. […]