Feed 1,000,000 children in 4 days at World Internet Mega Summit

Hey Everyone,As you know I am at the World Internet Mega Summit in Singapore. And WIS and Stephen Pierce are trying to do something really cool, and that is raise enoughMoney in 4 days to feed 1,000,000 children, by raising $100,000 In addition, there is a free bonus just for checking it out, and if you doDecide to donate, there’s over $500 worth of amazing bonus gifts. I have already […]

Book Distributor Wants 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles in Singapore

Okay so a quick update on the latest. Friday This is a day I caught up on my emails in the morning, then headed out to the Singapore Book Expo which I was lucky enough to be held while I was here. The show was huge and I approached anyone carrying ‘business success and help books’. I got distribution offers by 2 companies, which was very exciting, so I will […]

Safely in Singapore at the World Internet Mega Summit

From Tokyo Japan to Singapore at last – And now it’s my bedtime!Lost Wednesday in the air. Next flight – Japan Air Lines – to Singapore Nice flight, lots of room, I have 3 seats to myself and there is a TV in every headrest. Nice flight attendants – always smiling, and checking to see if you need anything, and if your in the aisle, they move so you can […]

Tracy Repchuk on Route to the World Internet Summit

Hey everyone, I am on route to Singapore, and wanted to do a quick post for you, because I am losing days like crazy. First leg of my Singapore trip is done, and I am now in Tokyo Japan waiting for my next flight. I got pulled over in LAX, so note to any gum chewers our there, Wrigley’s gum in the foil packets sets off the alarms. It’s 80 […]

Next Internet Millionaire Reality TV

Press release: The Next Internet Millionaire Reality TV on the Internet (PRLEAP.COM) Burbank, CA, May 21st, 2007 – Tracy Repchuk today announced her first round entry into the world’s first Internet marketing reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire. Seeking to secure a cast member seat in this groundbreaking series, Tracy Repchuk is pursuing a $25,000 cash prize and an opportunity to tap into Internet wealth by partnering with Joel Comm, […]

See me on your PC at the World Internet Mega Summit

Are you ready for…. The Must-See Internet Marketing Event of The YearThat I will be profiled at as the “New InternetMarketing Success of the Year” for 2007! I, Tracy Repchuk will be appearing on the samestage as Stephen Pierce, Ewen Chia, Mike Filsaime,Joel Comm, Armand Morin, John Childers, Tom Hua,Brett McFall, Jay Abraham, and Mark Joyner! Come and SEE! So what Makes WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT The Must-SeeInternet Marketing Event of […]

New Program Launched Entrepreneur in Overdrive

Hey Everyone I am so excited to tell you about my new coaching program which recentlylaunched, and only has 3 spots left!! Since becoming the bestselling author of “31 Days to Millionaire MarketingMiracles” and then my award of an all-expense trip to Singapore for“Hot New Internet Marketing Success of the Year” for 2007 to theWorld Internet Mega Summit in front of 3400 people, my life has changed. One of those […]

Free special Report and Some Good Advice

Hey everyone, Well I have a mixed bag of messages today, primarily becauseI was hit with a Trojan Backdoor Virus, and my main computerhas been out of commission for 2 days. I even have McAfee directly tapping into it to save it – because excludingmy health, almost everything else is on there. So I’ll start with make sure your virus protection is current,especially for the spyware stuff. Apparently they are […]

Think and Grow Rich with the Science of Getting Rich By As a Man Thinketh

I wanted to share with you a unique experience I had the otherday, and for some reason it started to repeat, which made me realize that I needed to talk about this. I mention in my book “31 Days to Millionaire MarketingMiracles” about how you need the Millionaire Mindset tosucceed. And I don’t think I ever truly cognited thatthere are many more people that don’t have this, versus do. That […]

I Need Your Vote for Next Internet Millionaire

Okay, if there are any Apprentice fans from the Donald Trump series,you’ll understand this concept very quickly. It is similar, only on the Internet, and for Internet Marketers. The prize is a chance to joint venture with Joel Comm. I totally want to learn from the likes of Joel Comm, and would loveit if you would go to this link, and vote for me. The Next Internet Millionaire Remember, what […]