Attention all Internet Marketers Not Seeking World Domination

Attention all Internet Marketers Not Seeking World Domination

Hear Me Here:

After being away Saturday and Sunday at my Dreams to Reality Success Summit, and being surrounded by like-minded people who wanted to:
create a business, around their passion, and lead a simple life.

You know, like Timothy Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work-week”

Only wasn’t that the promise made to us way back, when the computer came in, and was going to reduce our hours, simplify our life, streamline our world…

so we could all lead a stress free life.

That never happened, but even worse, with the concept of Internet marketing leading with the lure of serenity pools and yoga mats of peace and tranquility, somewhere along the line it missed that mark and shot into hyperdrive.

Speed is good, but not when it overwhelms the senses.

We need to watch the habits of those people who seem to have mastered this such as Mark Joyner, Eben Pagan, Alex Mandossian, Jay Abraham and a few select others… or we will not achieve what this generation is obligated to deliver –
and that is financial freedom from a less is more philosophy.

Remember when you’re mom used to say less is more?

This is definitely starting to apply to internet marketing.

Less distraction

Less email

Less disruption

Less to know

So you can have…

More relationships

More focus

More results

More money

More freedom

I have spent the last few days, every day, clearing my emails of subscriptions and people I don’t read, or that only sell to me.

I am doing that in my twitter too.

Do you know you only need 500 members to lead a really amazing life of financial freedom.

I’m not looking to be a zillionaire or rule the world, but I do want –
“To do what I want, when I want, from where I want, and never worry about money. The Freedom Lifestyle.”

Is this what you want too?

If we don’t stop the insanity now, we’ll become the effects of this hyper-based assault of our senses, and our kids who are already plugged into video games, facebook, ipods, and iphones won’t have a clue how to obtain what is possible.

Join me in the Less is More Revolution!
Let’s build relationships and post your comments and habit changes here! 🙂

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – After you have posted your comment, check out this free 3-hour plus replay from Jay Abraham about how being a Thought Leader in your niche, followed by a Q&A.
Good listening.

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  1. Tracy you are right on with your less is more. I too feel a high frenzy of being bombarded by emails selling me everything minute by minute.
    Keep up the great posts.

  2. I thought these comments were particularly sage, Tracy. I think what we need most are core business, core contacts, core knowledge rather than the fluff that constantly distracts us. I think your blog is going to lead to considerably more re-assessment of what I already know is true, but have too much been caught up in the electro-junk of my life to take charge and act. And, as you point out, “acting” is the core item that acan actually change things.

    I am particularly blown away by the extravagent inefficiency of my own social media memberships. For instance, I am constantly beseiged by people to join my network, but what I get from most of them are offers to join their clubs or their affiliated groups- one sentence, meaningless invitations from people I don’t know. I am trying particularly hard to find out how to convert some of these great, but anonymous contacts, into something more meaningful.

    Johnny Blue Star Freelance Writing Services
    (760) 323-0193

  3. Thanks Tracy! I totally agree with you. I keep trying to delete subscriptions I don’t read, and then something that sounds interesting comes along and my curiosity gets the best of me!

    I am certainly open to figuring out other ways to reduce my time online, though I have to say, I love what the computer has brought to me, first of all, a wonderful hubby!!

    Thanks for reminding me to “keep it simple”!!

  4. Tracy Repchuk Marketing MaestroMay 19, 2009 at 5:50 pm · Reply

    I agree Lorna – I love computers, I love skype, and tools that streamline what I do – in fact, I may not have met my husband online via the computer, but I met him because we were both in the computer industry 16 years ago 🙂

    Let’s get what we want – and then put our energy to better things –
    such as illiteracy, world peace, hunger, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, education system, poverty –

    Let’s all work towards the bigger picture – not just more paper in the bank.

    Tracy Repchuk

  5. Pam Rigden A Life Coach Less OrdinaryMay 19, 2009 at 5:54 pm · Reply

    Well said Tracy!

    I do overwhelm extremely well and have been taking your advice – delete, delete, and DELETE, apart from the select few. The ‘incoming’ – and my body has been responding exacly the same way as if waiting for the helicopters full of dismemeberd casualties to arrive in MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital for anybody not old enough to remember)adrenaline = stress – is already reduced, which means LESS to think about, and I am already appreciating the difference.

    While we are on the subject ‘desparate’ – I believe that’s how you described some marketers – I have in the past two months signed up for a couple of FREE trials – except they cost $1 so you have to give your credit card details. What I haven’t done is peruse the small print (was there any?) because then, a month later, a chunk of money $47 and $97respectively has gone out of my account. Clearly I was meant to unsubscribe from something I didn’t realise I had subscribed to. I think that this practise gets IM a bad name, it certainly turns me off, and that we should be transparent in our business practise, rather than profiting when people are clearly not as diligent/organised as they need to be.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Thanks Tracy for once gain
    “keepin it real”
    and helping us to get on the right track to what we truly want.

    It gets tricky sometimes when you’re a voracious learner and all of these new ideas keep flying it you.

    Less is absolutely more.

    Tracy you are a great example of someone who got in and got things done, and personally if I never heard fom anyone but you again I’d be fine and dandy with that.

    Even though I’m a happily married man I must tell you “I LOVE YOU”.

  7. Tracy Repchuk Marketing MaestroMay 19, 2009 at 6:24 pm · Reply

    The Forced Continuity Debate

    Forced continuity is common as you have seen. They tell you that you will be billed if you don’t opt out, but even worse, you may not know you are in.

    What isn’t good practise is when they automatically enroll you – ie. force you – into the program, and you have to fight and claw your way out – but not after they have gotten that first payment under their belt.

    I have a $1 offer, but I give the person 21 days. Most offer 7, which isn’t really enough time to see if you like it, and get the credit card company to stop it in time. It is also very clear – my trial offer isn’t a toggle box you select to include – it has it’s own website and you decide later.

    But I have experienced forced continuity, didn’t know I would be charged, and then couldn’t get a hold of the person I bought it from, couldn’t find a way to cancel it, support ticket system never responds, and it takes months to get my money recovered from the card – so these are the ones I despise.

    I like a system, which is what I use, that when you purchase your $1trial (never offered as an automated option, it has it’s own site you go to and read), where you control the opt-out of the subscription. That is what paypal offers. I no longer purchase trials, or do free shipping offers etc. that involve me giving a credit card – because it is too hard to stop.

    Paypal – you go into your paypal account, go to details of that purchase, hit unsubscribe, and you are done. You control when you opt out and if you are ever charged again.

    Follow the above practise, and you won’t get caught again.

    Tracy Repchuk

  8. I agree with Tracy about putting our energy toward better things. I would invite those who are interested to check out my profile. A new paradigm where “Money is Love”!

    And Pam, I know exactly what you mean, I have been caught there also! I guess “buyer beware” is even more prevalent than ever.

  9. Tracy Repchuk Marketing MaestroMay 19, 2009 at 8:01 pm · Reply

    Wow Rick – Thank you very much for that amazing feedback – it is people like yourself, in this industry that allow me to make sure the message gets out – so that people can hear it – and actually make a difference in their life, and the lives of others.

    Buying more is not the answer – take stock of what you have, and make the most of it.

    Tracy Repchuk 🙂

    PS – YOU ROCK!

  10. Tracy, less can be more if you can get beyond less is enough. Finding what works for you and what you can be passionate about is critical.

    I especially liked your Forced Continuity post. You hit the nail on the head, especially on the PayPal recommendation.

    Thank you for being a real leader and teacher with clarity, simplicity and common sense.

    John Masulonis

  11. Hi Tracy,
    I just wanted to say that your email is one of the first that I look for. You give sound advise and great content. I do get overwhelmeed by the amount of information that is available and I have started to unsubscribe to a lot of marketers that just merely want to sell to me. That one piece of advise from you has releived me from overload and has benefited me greatly. Now I am becoiming more focused and able to move forward.
    Thanks a lot… Albert

  12. "Let's get what we want – and then put our energy to better things –
    such as illiteracy, world peace, hunger, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, education system, poverty – "

    Tracy, this statement of yours sums up my sentiments exactly. Internet marketing doesn't have to be so complicated and pushy. Nor does it have to reward only the marketer.

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